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Monday, April 8, 2013

You Bought a Jeep? Who Cares?

Dear reader, there's been a series of ads on TV lately that I'm sick to death of. They're for Jeep, and it is a possible contender for both most annoying and most pointless ad ever. Behold:

Now, just in case the video doesn't play for you, here's a transcript:
MAN: So what did you end up getting?
WOMAN: I bought a Jeep.
MAN: (Unable to believe that his partner has spent $25 000 without consulting him) You bought a Jeep?
WOMAN: Mmm hmm. I bought a Jeep.
MAN: (Panicking, as they are now in serious debt) You bought a...?
WOMAN: Yes Michael, I bought a Jeep.
(Cut to a bunch of shots of a Jeep driving around, accompanied by The Potbelleez's "Don't Hold Back")

"Why would you do that to me?"

And that's it. I hesitate to use the phrase "worst ad ever", but I'm mighty tempted. Something tells me if this was a real couple, the next few lines of the conversation would be:
WOMAN: Yes Michael, I bought a Jeep.
MAN: What the hell did you do that for? We can barely afford rent as it is, and then you go and spend an exorbitant amount of money on something that has hideous fuel economy and we're never going to take off road. And WHY didn't you at least phone me first?
WOMAN: I bought a Jeep!
MAN: God damn, the doctors warned me you weren't ready to come out... why didn't I listen to them?
WOMAN: I bought a Jeep!
MAN: I just got laid off! I'm never going to be able to afford-!
WOMAN: I bought a Jeep!
(MAN begins to weep silently, while WOMAN keeps repeating "I bought a Jeep" over and over. Fade to black, sound of a GUNSHOT is heard).


But seriously though, what's worse is that Jeep are obviously very happy with this campaign - it's been running since 2011 and they keep making ads exactly like the first. I've studied the ad with a team of scientists and I've come to the conclusion that the message Jeep seems to want to get across is that Jeeps are no longer this uber-expensive car that only the mega rich can afford - anyone can "buy a jeep".

Yet, this message isn't getting across. Just look at the comments on YouTube version of the original ad:

Update: Jeep have made the original copy of the ad "private" since this rant was posted. Clearly, they're worried about all the bad publicity I'm giving them. These comments are from the original, "private", video.

The message that Jeep wants to get across is fine, but the execution is stunningly bad. When I first heard (and, alas, as I continue to hear) "I bought a Jeep", my reaction is, "So what?" However, if the tagline of the ad was "Anyone can buy a Jeep", then it might have been an effective ad. As it stands... it's just annoying.

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