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Monday, November 2, 2015

Channel 7 Flawlessly Demonstrates Why It's Easier Just to Pirate Everything

Dear reader, I generally don't encourage piracy. Yet as I've previously discussed, TV networks seem to be trying their hardest to drive us towards downloading everything. A prime example of this is the new season of Heroes Reborn on Channel 7. I watched the first few seasons of Heroes and enjoyed them, so I eagerly tuned in at 8:30pm on Wednesday, the 30th of September on Channel 7. Then, the very next day, Channel 7 shifted Heroes Reborn to 10:30pm the following Wednesday! That was fast! Did you maybe want to give the show a little more time to build an audience before you bump it, Channel 7?

 Save the cheerleader. Save the world. (But only if it rates well)

But you know, whatever. 10:30pm it is. Yet while this was okay for four weeks, Channel 7 has now (inexplicably and without telling the viewers) removed it entirely from next Wednesday's lineup. Why? Who knows. But what really pisses me off here is that if I were to illegally download the next episode of Heroes Reborn, Channel 7 would be very quick to point their fingers at me and scream, "You see! This is why we can't fund more local programming - because you're stealing content! You're treating us with contempt!"

We're the victims here! 

The sheer hypocrisy of TV networks in this country astounds me. What possible incentive is there for me to become invested in a show on free-to-air television in this country when I know there's a very strong chance it'll just disappear from the airwaves if it doesn't rate like crack instantly? Not that I'm endorsing it, of course, but why would any reasonable individual do that when with a few clicks, they can easily download the entire program - without ads - to their computer and watch it at their leisure? Seems like a much more enjoyable way to enjoy content to me - again, not that I am suggesting anyone install torrenting software on their computer and type "Heroes Reborn Torrent" into Google.

Ironically, I thought that Australian TV networks had fixed the problem of niche programming not rating well a few years ago - in 2009 the new seasons of LOST, 24 and even Heroes were all broadcast at late (and inconsistent) times on Channel 7. But in 2010, Channel 7 launched 7TWO, and the new seasons of LOST, 24 and - you guessed it - Heroes were all aired at reasonable times on a reliable schedule on the new channel. There was no sudden shifts in airtime and the programs didn't suddenly disappear - it seemed like the perfect way to air more niche content. So why the hell is Channel 7 shifting Heroes Reborn around and removing it when it could easily move it to one of its two (!) sub channels, 7TWO or 7mate?

You remember me, don't you Channel 7?

I get it, honestly: Heroes Reborn didn't rate well, so Channel 7 placed something else in its spot. But that doesn't explain (or excuse) the absolute contempt Channel 7 clearly has for Australian audiences when they keep changing time slots, pull programs without notice and - worst of all - ignore the possibilities their secondary channels offer. What possible incentive is there for me to do the right thing when this is the level of respect shown to me by Channel 7?

Once again, I'm not encouraging you to download TV shows illegally.

Clearly, Channel 7 is doing that job well enough on its own.

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